Ariel X: Chainsaw Submission


If you thought that chainsaws could not be sexy, you are mistaken.

This gallery from BlueBlood is pretty straightforward: Ariel X is posing while wielding a chainsaw and wearing a striped dress.

A thing I can say about this one is that her makeup looks great, the light blue color is very interesting and it is something that should be tried out more often. It gives her a nice appeal and matches the colorful background very well.

As this beauty wields the chainsaw, you get to see her clothes disappear, while she continues to pose for you in ways you have only seen before in your imagination.

Ariel X would give Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw a run for her money, and it would be a nice treat if we got to see her in a videogame in the future (This is my wish for EroticFandom!). She is even in a bathroom, which could mean that she is hiding and preparing for the hordes of zombies waiting for her outside.




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