Won’t You Tell Tifa Your Secrets?


If you’ve played Final Fantasy VII, chances are you’re familiar with this character. Her distinct outfit and appearance make her a recognizable and beloved character among fans, and her popularity has only increased with the release of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Many cosplayers have taken on the challenge of creating Tifa’s iconic look, which includes her white tank top, black shorts, suspenders, gloves, and boots, as well as her unique hairstyle. However, cosplayer Ely chose to deviate from this trend and decided on cosplaying Tifa’s outfit from a specific scene in Final Fantasy VII Remake. In this scene, Tifa is given a makeover by the staff of the Honeybee Inn, which includes the blue dress, a new hairstyle, and makeup. The purpose of the makeover is to help Tifa and Cloud blend in with the clientele of the establishment and gain information about their target. If you saw Tifa like this, wouldn’t you want to give her all the information she needs?

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