Tifa Lockhart Cosplay Is Breaking Limits


With the success of FF7 Remake Part 1, all eyes are on this game and its characters and as it’s “get it while it’s hot” in the gamer universe, in the cosplay universe it’s “cosplay it while it’s hot”. We may soon see more cosplays of the characters as days go and even more prior, during, and after the release of Part 2, which may be a while but it’s a wait worth enduring.

While the Final Fantasy 7 fanbase has been busy mulling over the much awaited release of Part 2 of the Final Fantasy 7 remake on PS4 and throwing out their opinions and criticisms of the Part 1 release and what they think should happen in Part 2, others are feeling nostalgic of the original FF7 PC game where everyone just enjoyed it as it was given without making demands. In the same manner, how about enjoying this cosplay of Tifa Lockhart in her new costume design and a modified version portrayed by the doll-faced Yixiaoyangze?


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