BurningAngel’s Small Hands kickstarts a movie


You know him as Small Hands from Burning Angel, but now you could know him as the mean dude from a cool short film. Love is Dead by Jerry Smith is a film about a guy who has to open up to a support group on the emotionally violent way his wife died. It’s primal. We can see and connect to the concept. Love hurts. Love bleeds. Now, the question is for us is, ‘Does love kill’? I’m pretty sure I’m starting to quote a Queen song right about now, so let’s just jump into this movie headlong (whoops, there’s Queen again).

The movie has Aaron ‘Small Hands‘ Thompson (Burning Angel), Tristan Risk (Frankenstein Created Bikers), and Ruben Pla (Insidious) in it. You know, I’d see for Small Hands alone, but knowing that Tristan Risk and Ruben Pla will be in it is a great bonus. Oh, and I already mentioned that Jerry Smith wrote (and is directing it), right? How much more do we need to see before demanding this film live in front of our filthy naked little eyes (that wasn’t Queen, that was David Lee Roth)?

Right now, the movie is in the Kickstarter phase. This movie is everything up our alley. Sexy? Check. Dark? Check. Some great talent? Check check. There are so few great shorts out there and I really think this will be one of them. I’m not one to just push stuff blindly and I do put my money where my mouth is, so who is with me in supporting this film? The poster is below and any of the linkiepoos here will go to the Kickstarter page. We have until Fri, Apr 15 2016 3:02 PM EDT to make this thing happen.

love is dead

LOVE IS DEAD is a short film about the emotional violence we can subject love ones to, when love dies. It’s a very dark story, one that features honest dialogue that goes for the jugular. It’s a very personal project for me, and something that I’ve worked on for years, until recently, when the opportunity arose to make the film with great people, all of which love the script and are excited about our “emotional horror” film.


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