AnimeAnnie plays a bit of Mario


AnimeAnnie, looking great as usual, is completely rocking out to a bit of old school Mario. This brings back more than a few memories of playing (sometimes alone and sometimes with my cousins) the various incarnations of Mario as a kid. Of course none of my friends (or cousins, but that would be a different story) looked like Anime Annie. I don’t mean just the way she physically looks, but rather the rather cool outfit she is displaying for the Mario Madness.

Her room is always fun. She is always sweet. Oh and Mario? For a guy who is a Senior Citizen, he sure does keep a bit of pep in his step. Seriously, that game line aged rather well. Why don’t you come on in and see for yourself why AnimeAnnie is one of the best cosplay cam girls around.

Do you talk dirty or like dirty talk?
I enjoy dirty talk from time to time, but I prefer that you keep your dirty talk comments in a *private tip note.*

The reason is because the other members in the room don’t need to hear about what you’re doing, or what you’d like to do to me. It spoils their fantasy, so please keep it to yourself or in a *private tip note.*

Do you accept Private/True Private shows?
I take Private/True Privates by appointment only, and within my comfort levels. I do not wish to leave a countdown for a public show for a spur-of-the-moment private, so I prefer privates either before or after a public show, or scheduled for a specific time in advance.

If you’ve never taken me private before, I ask that you offer a tip of 500 tokens, as a show of faith that you are serious and will not waste my time.

Can you (show feet, show me your ass, or other request)?
If you have a request, include it in a tip note.
If my answer is no, please respect my limits.

How do I send you a private message?
I have limited PMs to my friends list only and it is at my discretion to remove you from my friends list at any time if I feel it’s necessary. (It is currently 200 tokens to be added to my friend’s list)

I may also add you to my friends list if you hang out and participate in my room, contribute to our countdowns and let me get to know you. If I feel comfortable with you, I might just add you.

Please be patient when sending PMs as I like to focus my attention on the public room, and may not be able to reply right away. If it’s important or urgent, get my attention with a tip note.

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