Steamy Punk With Franccesca De Struct


I really love black outfits, and Franccesca de Struct has one of the best ones that I have seen in a while in this BlueBlood gallery.

Her blonde hair and dark, BarelyEvil makeup that brings out her eyes give her skin a smooth tone. Add to that the fact that she is wearing a pair of horns, bestowing upon her a dragon-like appearance and you’ve got enough for your mind to keep busy with her steaminess for a long time.

Franccesca de Struct seems like a punk version of Maleficent, which is a nice recipe for a movie I’d really love to watch, but instead of it being in a medieval setting, it would be a Steampunk one where all of her mischievous nature would be shown in full.

Visualize that as you continue mesmerized by each image.



I’d like to introduce you all to Franccesca de Struct. I met her at the Ludovico Technique show at Bar Sinister. I was yakking with lead singer Ben Vanlier on the smoking patio and she came up to compliment him on his show and I just had to interject that I’d very much like to photograph her. And, so, Forrest Black and I had a really cool time photographing her. In addition to being beautiful and having amazing personal style (those horns are hers), she is well-spoken and fun. Stay tuned for some fire-breathing (literally!) in a few weeks.
–Amelia G




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