Kortni is Commander Bird

Whenever I look at this GodsGirls photo shoot with Kortni, I keep hearing Doug Bradley’s voice saying my ‘suffering will be legendary, even in hell.’ Kortni and Gods Girls call this set ‘Commander Bird’, but I see it as a new addition to the cenobites. Let’s face it, I’m a huge Clive Barker fan and I am a bit connected with Hellraiser. Kortni looks like a wicked angel sent to deal punishment (and pleasure) in this shoot.

What strikes me the most about these photos is the commanding presence Kortni gives to each shot. This shoot, even with the vacuum packed costume and backdrop, could have gone very flat if another girl was used. What makes everything come together is Kortni. She makes the costume–not the other way ’round. There are some great pictures here and even better ones that I can’t show you. I don’t mean that every picture I can’t put here has her nude or sucking on something, but some do have the occasional nipple slip (they seem to have a mind of their own for these photos). So, if you want to see her unleashed, then you know where to go…






Today is National Science Fiction Day so here’s Kortni being science-fiction-y and stuff.
Name Kortni
Age 24
Gender Female
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation Straight
Occupation stay at home mommy
Location torrance. ca
Hometown the womb/torrance, ca
Sign Virgo
About Me i’m awesome. i’m a drunk. i smoke a lot. of cigarettes…. and weed. and i love my friends. and dancing.
Why Im a GodsGirl mi familia por vida, puto!!!
Superhero Power teleporting
Sexual fantasy from latex and vacbeds to violence and weaponry. from burn victims to prosthesis. from education and knowledge to acceptance and contentment…AND EVERYTHING ELSE IN BETWEEN, AROUND, ABOVE, BELOW..you get it!
Weapon of Choice my large talons
Hobbies i love me some jack daniels and some video gamin;, human oddities; lurking; gogoing; driving around wasting gas DAILY! and, of course…being awesome..DUH!
Music is life. i’m open to hearing anything at least once….
Movies i dont think i’m prepared to begin writting a list that never ends
Books are stimulating.
TV lost. heroes. my name is earl. the office. the wire. freaks and geeks. dexter. weeds. little britain. dog the bounty hunter.
Art sidewalk chalk?
Food fried ramen!
Education dr. k. bird, ph d
Ethnicity cracker
Birthday sep 18
Who I Idolize no one. however, i respect many.
Goals becoming a GOOD tattooer
Bedtime attire slim to none
Nerdy Secret Pleasure spice girls
My Favorite GodsGirls stoya, roxy, chelsea, gia, grey, vdub, pia, melodie, geisha,annaliese, erin, ava, bella, brenna, d-rock, aprella, xanthia, apnea,scar,dayna superna,lee,swindle, kayla… basically, the ones i know in real life
Unicorn or Pegasus? hello kitty
if Patrick Duffy was shooting lazers at you how would you defend yourself? i would break-dance-fight him to death

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