Easter at Espens

GodsGirls shows us what Easter is like at Espen’s place. I have to say that this is one hard shoot to write up. There are a lot of great Safe for Work shots to pick from (and a lot that I could never show you). Gods Girls really brings a bit of girl next door flavor to this shoot when Espen is dressed in a cute tank top, a pair of panties that have a bit of a tail near them, and some bunny ears on her head.

The shoot starts rather quickly with her in different poses and the prop of the Easter egg comes out soon and hard. I can show you a few of the sultry ones where she is showing a bit of oral fixation on the egg. I’m not sure if that is how eggs hatch for the Easter Bunny, but I give Espen points for trying. There is just a lot going on in this cute Easter shoot. Espen works really well in the ‘down to Earth’ shoot. I’m going to let some of these photos speak for themself, but if you like what you see here then you will love the full shoot.

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