Arabelle Raphael’s Special Brand Of Turtle Power


Allow me to be perfectly honest and open about something that happened to me with this BlueBlood gallery showcasing the breathtaking, BarelyEvil beauty of Arabelle Raphael: I was about to check it out and when I saw the first image with the colorful socks and inviting atmosphere that the background presented, complete with the beguiling poses, and I could not help but keep looking at her. It was as if my gaze had been glued to each image, and I am not complaining in the slightest.

I was going to let you find out all about this gallery on your own, but there are many things to notice about it, so I don’t even feel like I spoil the surprise if I tell you that, added to her alluring beauty and intensity: Arabelle Raphael is wearing panties with drawings of the Ninja Turtles.

Try not staring at those for a long time. More so when she does a ninja trick that has one of her hands disappearing beneath them.


I’d like to introduce you all to the very sexy and intelligent Arabelle. Forrest Black and I had a great time shooting Arabelle. She is a lot of fun and tells an AWESOME anecdote. Gotta love the pigtails and the Ninja Turtles and, of course, Siouxsie.
–Amelia G



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