The Provocative Devil Azrielle


You think you know what sexy is, how a lustful pose is presented, and what incredible sensations you can experience while looking at a beautiful woman, right?

Well, forget all that because once you lay eyes on Azrielle you will find out how little you actually know about these things. Fear not, though, since she is open to teach you all the BarelyEvil things you do not yet know about provocativeness.

I certainly hope that naughty men get to spend eternity next to a demon as gorgeous as her, as she lets you in on all the lustful secrets she has uncovered over the years.

This BlueBlood gallery has become one of my favorites so far because it brings up a lot of the elements that make me peruse each image so I can better remember it later. Also, I think that Azrielle could very well feature in the next Bloodrayne game.





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