Arisa Mizuhara Has Appeared!


“Mai Shiranui has appeared!” is something that is usually heard in-game when this character comes out.

This girl is on faiyaaaaa! Literally. King of Fighters character, Mai Shiranui, has the ability to cloak herself with flames and channel fire through not only her clothes and weapons but basically through anything she touches. Mai Shiranui debuted as SNK’s first female playable fighting character. Due to her sexy fighting style, Mai, is a largely recognized character in the fighting game genre. This caught the attention of a lot of gamers and cosplayers. One of them is Arisa Mizuhara!

Dubbed cosplay goddess by pop culture blogger and TV personality, Danny Choo, Arisa Mizuhara started out as doujinshi artist who participated in selling her works at events before she started doing cosplay. After having seen someone cosplay a character from DiGi Charat in the booth she thought of trying to make a Dejiko costume and from there her interests in cosplay grew to what it is now.


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