The Power And Seduction Of Tara Toxic


Something notable about this BlueBlood gallery is Tara Toxic’s mohawk, which appears to be perfectly in place no matter what she does; plus, the fact that the pictures were taken in black and white also gives each image that classic, timeless look.

Tara Toxic’s partially shaven head and delicious assortment of tattoos and piercings let you know that you are in the presence of a unique personality in the punk world. This BarelyEvil approach makes me think that it would be great to see her in a Ghost Rider film, since she could imprint her one and only signature of sensuality and temptation, while maintaining the powerful atmosphere that encompasses her.

Tara Toxic also appears to be running a sexy steampunk tattoo parlor, which is an interesting concept that is completely welcome while she shows you how, in the clothing department, less is always more.


Forrest Black and I love working with unique people who have their own genuine style and Tara Toxic definitely fits the bill here. She enjoys deconstructing her clothing, so that it fits her better and looks like nothing anyone else has. Also, her mohawk is awesome up.
–Amelia G



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