Mohawk Punk Teen Tara Toxic in Color


tara toxic mohawk windowI definitely think Tara Toxic is one of my favorite new models on the Blue Blood sites. Sometimes there is a collaboration between photographer and model which just really captures a spark and I love the sense of mischief in all the Tara Toxic shoots lensed by Amelia G and Forrest Black.

These just have such a sense of fun. Gotta love a punk who gets dressed up in a technicolor dress. I suppose the nudity is a plus too.

This series has a really interesting interplay of light and shadow, with the sunlight streaming in through the window, but there are naughty bits in almost every frame, so it was a challenge to find anything non-nude I could show you here in SFW-Land. The whole series, complete with a lot of shaved and tattooed punk rock nekkid goodness, appears on both Barely Evil and in the Blue Blood VIP.

I really like this moody naturally sunlit photo set of Tara Toxic lounging like a kitty in the sun beams, particularly how it sets off the bright blue of her mowhawk from certain angles. Let me know what you think.
~Forrest Black


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