The Clown Princess gets down and dirty


Oh, how much did I look forward to seeing the Clown Princess in action. I have been looking at her photo for the better part of a month now and, as they say, the best is usually saved for last. I remember how excited I was to see the still shots of her and now–this video–is finally in my grasp.

The wait. Was it worth it? In a word: Abso-fricken-lutely. The Cosplay-Video is one of the hottest videos around and the Clown really gets down to business. I never knew a clown to be that orientated in getting to know her own body, but I guess that fits with the physical demands of the job. Right now, her physical demands seem to have her in a very sharing mood and we are all better for it. After all, sharing is caring.


This clown princess is exactly what we see: a silly gal with a good sense of humour. Even from a highly educated background, she decided to skip it all for a good bit of fun. Keep the mallet in mind tho, she does know how to beat out the unwanted. As seen here, she does have a mischievous side befitting her looks. Completely playful, she loves to show off and shake what was given to her. Rumour goes she plays for both sides but this may be just a rumour in the ivy branches…


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