Harley Quinn hammers away


The Clown Princess (who looks a lot like Harley Quinn) is the biggie. She is, currently, on the background for the website. Just who is that masked Jester and what is she doing with such a big hammer? There are a ton of great shots from Cosplay-Mate to pick from here. I love the outfit. Even her shoes, panties and bra are black and red. The gloves with the lace are a nice touch, but so is the way she poses.

Although she uses the hammer a prop, even when naked, she doesn’t rely on props to make this shoot come alive. She pulls it off herself. If you put other people into the outfit, it wouldn’t be the same shoot. There is something about her attitude that really fits this character. Oh, and that hammer does go a long way to support that attitude. All I can say is, “Please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em!” (Get it? Hammer? MC Hammer? Remember him? 2L2Q? Stop! Hammer Time! The funky funky pants?)


This clown princess is exactly what we see: a silly gal with a good sense of humour. Even from a highly educated background, she decided to skip it all for a good bit of fun. Keep the mallet in mind tho, she does know how to beat out the unwanted.
As seen here, she does have a mischievous side befitting her looks. Completely playful, she loves to show off and shake what was given to her. Rumour goes she plays for both sides but this may be just a rumour in the ivy branches…



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