Madeleine Sophie Tenders An Old School Panorama


Have you ever looked at an old photo where it seems that there is an apparition?

Well, if you haven’t then you are in luck, because on this BlueBlood gallery, Madeleine Sophie is posing in a way that makes her look like the ghost you would want to find in all of your old-timey photos, as her characteristic makeup, especially on her lips, and her contact lenses mesmerize you in such a way that you forget who to call when a ghost appears; while her simple, yet glamorous poses offer a tempting sight in this well-achieved Vintage Set with modern elements that give you a peek of how Gothic Sluts could have looked back in the 50’s.


Quote: There is a certain spooky 50’s vibe I think I managed to capture in this quick set by a pool kindly provided by Perish. I think Mad Sophie’s bathing suit is genuine vintage too.
–Amelia G



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