Game of Thrones 48 – A Hard Home Indeed


A week of learning experiences on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Dany puts her new gift to some use by asking if she ought to keep Jorah around. Tyrion wisely says no. Finally some people are making some good decisions around here! Dany kicks Jorah out of the city, and Jorah stares wistfully at his zombie bite – err, grayscale rash. Same diff.

Cersei plays Spanish Inquisition. She refuses to confess anything, because it’s Cersei so of course she does.

We aren’t on her long though before checking in on Arya, who is finally making headway in the house of black and white. She gets to change into that fabulously textured costume we’ve had a few previews of before, now off to be an oyster pitching orphan in the streets. She finds a possibly crooked insurance man and is put on assignment to learn everything about him, to prove her readiness for the many faced god.

Back to Cersei, who still ain’t budging. Apparently no one will agree to come see her, and her son is distraught. She seems pretty exhausted.

Sansa is wildly out of character (“If I could do to you right now what Ramsay did to you I would” – here’s some proof that these writers do not understand Sansa’s character whatsoever) as her and Theon’s character development goes jack nowhere. At least Reek admits to not having murdered Bran and Rickon, but burning nameless peasant boys instead.

The Boltons consult one another on the topic of Stannis’s invading army. Ramsay wants to be sadistic and nasty, Roose manages to keep a cool head. Nothing new.

Some wine and absolutely delicious banter between Tyrion and Dany. Dany takes Tyrion on as her adviser. He gives her some very real advice, and Dany is an idealist who wants to dismantle the whole damn system. I love both of them so very much, and am terribly curious who turns out on top.

Jorah goes back to the guy who’d bought him before bringing him before Dany. He offers himself back into slavery as long as it gets him seen by Dany. Jorah – obsessed much? Also you are singlehandedly going to cause an epidemic you fucking asshole.

Back to Cersei, who is being denied water until she confesses. Not very chill, Sparrows. Then again, the Sparrows clearly have no chill.

Gilly nurses Sam’s injuries from defending her. Jon’s assistant, Ollie, asks his advice on why Jon would help the people who murdered his family. Valid points, kiddo. Sam assures him it’s all for the best.

Jon himself is looking a little green around the gills as he’s rowed up to meet and parlay with the Wildlings. There’s a lot of them. I’d be green, too. The Wildlings aren’t too happy to see them, either. Tormund teaches a guy in a skull mask the very meaning of “talk shit, get hit” and they get to have a chat after. Jon makes a compelling argument (me or the ice zombies) to get them to join him. With Tormund’s help he wins most of them over. Not the psycho bald people eaters of course, but that’s fucking Thenns for you. And at least they got the a giant.

They’re loading up the boats when the dogs start going nuts. It looks like an avalanche coming down. They shut the gates and shut lots of people on the other side. Then a few crunching noises… then silence. Then ice zombies. The following fight does a better job of getting people on board than Jon’s speech did, unsurprisingly. The SFX are mixed, but the good is terrifying enough that I’m pretty glad that 3am (airtime where I live) is light out at this hour around these parts. It’s unsettling stuff.

This is some of the first stuff (other than Tyion reaching Dany) that we’ve seen this season that is a serious spoiler for the books. These are totally new scenes. Is this edge of my seat sensation how everyone who hasn’t read the books feels when they watch GoT?

One of the head Walkers fights and kills the head Thenn. And he’s so cold he shatters weapons and quenches fires around him. You might say he’s chilling. He knocks Jon a good one, but apparently Valyrian steel is effective against them, since Jon manages to end him with Ice. The zombies just keep coming, and the Crows finally book it, leaving total carnage on shore.

The White Walkers’ new general apparent takes command, and raises all the slain of the battle. There are more now than ever. Things are looking grim in the north.


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