RazorCandi Challenges The Nature Of Beauty


They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that notion is truer today than it has ever been, with our lives constantly shaken by the notions of what is and is not considered beautiful.

RazorCandi presents a project that defies the common perception of beauty, and maybe even manages to re-define it.

Let’s start by saying that, with the masterful characterization, her eyes (even though they are contact lenses) have something cute about them, as if a glimmer of innocence was shining through them.

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul; and here, we get to see a character that (as the model herself suggests) is not beautiful in the traditional sense of the word; nevertheless, her out-of-this-world look that could be categorized as scary gets that dreamy element that has us wondering what it is that she is looking at with such hopeful eyes.

That is what art does, and that is why there exist numerous interpretations of every artistic execution.

To each of us, it speaks differently, that is where the true spirit of art is found.

Needless to say, the look is one that balances very well its components: an extravagant touch at the beginning, where the eyes rest, which manages to imprint itself on the imagination better by the shadow-esque clothing, dark fingers and long nails that encompass her appearance in a magnificent way, as if it portrayed the end of the struggle between what is considered normal, and the ostentatious.

It is not the traditional model of beauty; and yet, it is one that starts growing on you.

Excentric hair2

I’ve always found beauty in the construction of something that wasn’t there before, and the more imaginative, strange and bizarre, the better!

excentric hair1


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