Viva La Young Revolution


What can I say about this Young Revolutionary? She is cute. She is flexible (and strong–she can hold her leg up and keep it up). And she is someone who makes a great treat for the camera when she takes her time to undress and get down into herself.

Cosplay-Mate lets the cameras roll as the Young Revolutionary takes action. She may not be the aggressive type, but she sure does have a lot of sexually charged energy waiting to be released and this video is the perfect forum for her to release it.


A strong and caring lady, she always shines when others are down. Don’t let her optimistic attitude fool you, she can beat anyone with a rush beating of fists and finish it off in a summersault. Thank Gaia she isn’t the aggressive type. From the looks of her, she can perform any moves or position needed. Kind of makes one think…

While deceptively strong, Tifa is empathic and emotionally shy. While identifying and responding to others’ feelings, Tifa does not express her feelings often and when she does she struggles doing so. She is a hard worker and spends her time caring for everyone but herself,


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