The Lady Gunner lays down the law


This little Lady Gunner lays down the law, her guns, her clothes, and then herself on the sofa in this video by Cosplay-Mate. She really works her body well. I know, most models here do, but I mean she seems to know where the camera is at all times and moves to her own rhythm with it. It is fun to see her lose herself in the moment and still be perfectly in frame so we don’t miss any of the action. I won’t fib though, it took me a few times to get this frame just right. Don’t worry, there is a ton of great nude and action footage. That’s the great thing about the videos–the action is so hot and heavy, it is hard for me to pick something out that you can see at work. So, you know what you have to do when you get home, don’t you? Don’t you?


After leaving her old life of fighting off Sin, this gunner packs a mean pair. With those two, there is no point in running or hiding. Serious yet kind-hearted and honest, she seems quite fond of a certain aquatic sportsmen. She is a bit naïve. Getting her to lower her guard and reveal those two others wasn’t too much. Let’s hope her partners are so willing.


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