The Key Summoner in action


This nimble minx is brought to us by Cosplay-Mate. She is the enchantress weaving a magic spell. She is the one who can put desire and lust into our hearts. She can, in fact, summon the most powerful being of all time on a whim.

Okay, so maybe the plush toy isn’t the most powerful being of all time to some people, but you try taking that away from someone at nap-time and see how much power it truly holds.

I like this look. It is a bit of a freshman in college type look. I think the balance between the purity of her costume and stuffed animal goes well with the sexuality implied by her knee-high boots and naked body. This set is a pretty good mix of the innocent and the naughty.


This sexy heart hails from a rowdy magical guild from a far away land. Being a mage, she can summon beings from her keys at her waist to help her. Partnered with hot heads and cool spirits, she balances both to make any situation right.
Notwithstanding, she knows how to use her sexual appeal to get what she needs. Looking at that blue cat, it’s easy to see why he is so happy.



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