Double Fantasy, Double Heels, Double Fun


This Double Fantasy shoot by Cosplay-Mate brings back the Reaper and Stones. They both are wearing pretty revealing clothing and the Reaper has a bungee cord suspenders thing going on for her. I dig it. The hooks are a bit dangerous that way, but that is what makes it appealing–danger. Stones has her work cut out for her, so she is the one with the gun and a nice tight yellow band.

The heels are spikes and the girls keep them on the entire time (that is about the only thing they keep on). They don’t keep their clothes on for very long in this shoot, but those boots still rock on. I especially love the red mini that Reaper is wearing. I love the straps and latches on them. I think high and long ones are great, but sometimes you have to go with the short and tight feel.



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