Victoria Blue as a golden spear Goddess


Chad Michael Ward brings us Victoria Blue as a golden Goddess for this BlueBlood photoshoot. The spear looks dangerous in her hands like something you’d see on Game of Thrones as the Queen’s Guard. Her hair is a spiky blonde doo that brings out a resemblance of a crown or armor. There are some great shots later where you can see just how long Victoria Blue’s hair really is with a decent sized braid. Of course, later on, you can also see how decent sized something else of Victoria Blue’s is. Put it this way, the armor isn’t about to bust off her body for no particular reason. While you are looking through this shoot, try to search out her frontal tattoo. It is a cool little diddy near a pretty sensitive spot.


I’d like to introduce you all to Victoria Blue. She and Chad had a tough time on this shoot, but I think the results were well worth it. Victoria is a writer who works primarily in the areas of music, fashion, and arts and crafts. By day she works at the Yoga Tree in San Francisco and is an all-around environmentalist and vegetarian. She recently transplanted from the East Coast to SF and you can see why that might be a better fit. Enjoy!
–Amelia G


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