The Fiery Gal gets steamy


I can go on at great lengths about what I love in this video. I love the Phoenix…ermm…’Fiery Gal‘ costume from Cosplay-Mate. I love the model. I love the way she poses. I love the way she has her hair here (I actually didn’t recognize her until the tattoo!) and I love the way she spends less than 14 seconds dressed.

Yep. From 0-14 is how fast it takes the Phoenix to start undressing herself. The costume is a bit glare prone in this light, but doesn’t that just play into the mystique of the Phoenix? Shouldn’t she be surrounded by a great light whenever she graces our peepers? Not to worry though, the costume (which I do like) comes off rather quick and the true powers of the Phoenix starts to come out.


Driven by passion, this fiery lady had quite a hard time controlling herself. Reading minds, making things fly all over and even blasting her lovers to ash were some of her issues. Some might even say she isn’t who she says she is but, in fact, someone or something else… In the end, her passions dictates her actions. Are you what she wants to do?


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