Fiery Gal aka Phoenix starts us up


If you have seen my other reviews on Phoenix, you will know what a fan of the character I am. But, after seeing this model’s Rolling Stones tattoo? I am now a super fan of her too! Anyone who has the tongue logo on their body is a friend for me. The Fiery Gal aka Phoenix is back, but this time she is solo. Just like the cartoons, when the Phoenix had a solo mission, things got heated quickly. There are a lot of great shots that I simply cannot show in a SFW environment. Such the pity too because there is (besides the Stones tattoo, of course) a great show of Phoenix throwing off her sash. The sash is captured by the camera in mid-air and it looks like she is using her powers to undress. Oh, and undress she does. Does it end there? Of course not! This is the Phoenix we are talking about! She won’t end the shoot until we are all just a puddle of hotness, and boy does she deliver.


Driven by passion, this fiery lady had quite a hard time controlling herself. Reading minds, making things fly all over and even blasting her lovers to ash were some of her issues. Some might even say she isn’t who she says she is but, in fact, someone or something else… In the end, her passions dictates her actions. Are you what she wants to do?


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