Keiko plays a villain in purple


This coat that Keiko wears is absolutely fabulous. The colors make the shoot. I love the patterns in it and I love how the use of purple was a theme throughout the shoot. Amelia G and Forrest Black do a terrific job of slowly letting Keiko unwrap herself. The sinister look in this particular photo is just a sample of what you will see at Blueblood. I must say something as a bit of a teaser though, the really intense shots are what she does with that dagger. To put it very simply, they are definitely not safe for work, but I am sure going to suggest you check them out on your lunch break.

Here is a really hot set of Keiko looking all devious and villainous. I totally love that coat too. Good thing she’s got that lengthy stabby tool to keep it safe. Hope you enjoy these, we had a lot of fun making them. ~Forrest


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