There is no Hel like a Morrigan Hel


Okay, so I am mixing my Bowie lyrics up a bit, but the statement stands. This time around Amelia G and Forrest Black get Morrigan Hel into the assassin outfit. One of the reasons why I love BlueBlood and EroticFandom is because they bring some great models, mix in cool looking gear, and have two of the best photographers in this line of work, and magic happens. I love the red of the armor–it makes Morrigan Hel’s lips pop even more. The armor fits her quite nicely as her body seems to curve with it. I’ll say this, I loved Dark Shadows, but I never thought I’d be that jealous of a prop from it. That dagger gets more play than I do. Morrigan Hel holds it, caresses it, and start to use her tongue against the edge. If you are a fan of Morrigan Hel, or even just someone who loves armor, then this is a great shoot for you.

Morrigan Hel looks delicious in this armor series. Fun fact to know and share: The blade she is licking was the knife from Dark Shadows. Sword and Stone kindly supplied the metal gear for this shoot by yours truly and Forrest Black. We have had images from this shoot run in Marquis and Folsom Street Faire Guide and now Blue Blood members get to see everything!
–Amelia G


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