Blue Blood May the Fourth Light Saber


This Blue Blood shoot of Keiko and Rob Longshot is a fun send-up of May the 4th. Rob has quite the Star Wars collection and much of it is pictured in this tongue-in-cheek shoot lensed by Amelia G and Forrest Black. I like the artistic combination of a sense of humor with genuine sensuality and models who look great and look like they are having a great time. Keiko‘s hair looks extra-cool in this soft elegant mohawk up-to. There is also a cameo appearance by a vintage old school Dungeons & Dragons manual. Definitely a nicely fannish shoot and the chemistry of this couple is very easy on the eyes and other places. Of course, they put Rob’s light saber to the use that all high quality light saber replicas should be put to.

This is the eighth set of Keiko Forrest Black and I have shot for Blue Blood. We’ve shot a bunch of solo stuff of Keiko, but this series features her with her real life hubby Rob Longshot in their real life apartment, right before they moved back to Florida from Southern California. Rob and Keiko met because Keiko saw articles about him in her local newspaper and she thought to herself, “will be mine,” stalked him appropriately, and made it so. Rob likes to collect Star Wars memorabilia and I was personally very excited about his high quality replica light saber. Because, as anyone with an English degree will tell you, if you introduce a light saber in the first act, somebody has to fuck it by the third act. No idea if that rule is enforced by Jedi or those who have gone to the Dark Side.
–Amelia G


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