Arrow – Heir to The Demon


Finally we get some payoff for all the plot building this season. No flashbacks to the Lost island, instead we get a picture of the Lance’s in Sarah’s “final” days. Everyone’s so chipper… But Sarah’s texting Ollie on the down low and questioning Laurel’s relationship with Ollie. Totally not conspicuous. But you know how sisters are, wink wink, nudge nudge. What crappy people they are. Who acts like that?

Oh someone thinks they’re a badass over here. Hello mystery Carmen San Diego lady who annihilates all the security at the airport. THE AIRPORT. Wouldn’t she, wait but, how come…. Whatever dudes.

Laurel ends up in the hospital cuz…. She od’ed? She blacked out and hit her head but her eye is all fucked up? She tells Dresden that she saw Sarah. Crazy, right???? Crickets…. Turns out Laurel didn’t black out, she was poisoned by some crazy snake venom, not the delicious brown liquors.

Sarah’s body double does the salmon ladder and makes us all feel bad about ourselves. And then Ollie beats the shit out of a truck tire with a sledgehammer. What’s up with the crossfit today? The lack of shirts is appealing.

Sarah meets up with Dresden for a family guilt trip and on the way back she’s ambushed by our new assassin. Oh it’s on!!! Wait, WHAT?! They’re making out!!!! Oh CW, will you never learn? So this is Nyssa al Ghul, Ra’s’ OTHER daughter. BTW NOBODY calls him Ra’s. His name is Ra’s al Ghul, goddamnit, and you will respect him!

Felicity confronts Moira over a large wire transfer from the Tempest account (that she’s totally been tracking this whole time, got it?), which is a pretty brazen thing for Ms Smoak to do. Moira says that if Felicity reveals the truth of Thea’s parentage, Oliver will hate her more than his own mother. That’s a risk she’s willing to take and tells Ollie anyway. Suck it!

When Sebastian offers Moira some “friendly” advice, she doesn’t take it and makes more veiled threats. Oh Moira, I like your baddassery, but yer kinda a dick.

Blah blah, Sweetie Darling Dinah gets kidnapped so Sarah agrees to go with Nyssa if she releases her mother, but at the exchange Sarah takes the snake venom and sacrifices herself. Hrmm. Nyssa threatens to take out all the Lances but Ollie shows up to sorta save the day. Bro, I think you’re out bowed here. The al Ghuls are not to be trifled with. What does Ollie have in that goat scroat that he gives to Sarah? Probably just a ricola, but it brings her back to life and Nyssa agrees to release her from the League. I don’t think Ra’s al fucking Ghul is going to appreciate that. A good assassin is hard to find. Well, apparently not since they seems to die like flies. Whole lot of turnover in that League. Think they get PTO? On site massages? Danger pay?

Everything’s okay til Laurel throws a ROYAL hissyfit and throws Sarah out. I mean. Sure, Sarah kinda fucked her over back in the day but you can’t blame her for all your problems. Then Sarah and Ollie take their shirts off. That’s gonna piss off Felicity fo sho.


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