World of Warcraft Robes


You can’t cosplay everyday, well, most people can’t, I do what I want. But you can now be your “World of Warcraft” character any time! In the privacy of your own home! Provided you play a paladin or a priest. Where’s my warlock robe THINKGEEK?! If I see someone out in the real world wearing one of these, I’m going to give you a big hug. Check out the product page for more info, and complain about warlocks for me, would ya?

That’s why we love these World of Warcraft Robes. Pick up the Avatar Regalia (Tier 5 – Priest) or Judgement Armor (Tier 2 – Paladin) without questing, raiding, and having to face un-soloable bosses. Plus, if you sit around playing WoW in one of these robes while your character is simultaneously dressed in the same set, you get double the real world XP, which is good, because real-world levelling is hard.

World Of Warcraft Robe


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