A Mighty Hot Heroine


I’m not a fan of warcraft games as I don’t play video games that much but I sure am a fan of sexy heroines. I mean, don’t girls with wild yet noble character in their sexy armor pump you up? Sometimes they are better fighters than men too! (No offense though, just telling the truth!)

Here’s Andy Rae‘s Paladin Cosplay inspired from one of the paladin characters from the World of Warcraft Games! She wore it at last year’s “BlizzCon“. Though much of the costume was based on the gladiator tier 11 armor, originally, the inspiration behind her Paladin cosplay was an artwork done by ReBel11 on Deviant Art. Photos were taken by Martin Wong, ZRB Photography, Jwaidesign, and Jason Chau.

Andy Rae's World of Warcraft Paladin Cosplay


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