Arrow – Keep Your Enemies Closer


Oooo Amanda Waller makes an appearance! This is gonna get good. Well in a couple episodes, hopefully, when Waller plays some cards. Diggle gets snatched by the White Queen when his spy girlfriend disappears while searching for Deadshot. In Communist Russia, shot deads you! Not my best work, sorry guys.

Speedy continues to be a pain in the ass and gets himself arrested while helping Arrow out. Which is an issue since it makes Thea look like a deadbeat for dating a felon and could reflect poorly on Moira and her case. Thea, you’re spineless and we don’t like you.

Is that blue meth that Diggle has for his ploy to grab Lyla from the Gulag?! So the plan is to break into super crappy, Russian prision, find spy girlfriend and then break out again? Sure, that’s a plan. Diggle gets his ass thrown into solitary, or in this case, frigidaire, only to find himself cooped up with the one and only Deadshot. Doh, but yay! Unfortunately, they have to team up to find Lyla and escape. It’s a complete success, ‘natch, but when Diggle confronts Deadshot he makes some interesting accusations. Hive, eh? Very interesting.

On the Amazo boat, we learn that Ibo is trying to breed some kind of super soldier or something. He has a long diatribe about science and war, which just makes him seem crazy. But that IS how we like our scientists. Whoo boy, we finally catch up with my man Slade but he is not looking good. He makes Two Face look like a super model. Shado tries to patch him up with some bat guano, so let’s cross our fingers. Sarah let’s Ollie out of his cage to radio a warning to his pals, but freaking tricks him! What a skank! She must have Stockholm Syndrome or something. Now the boat baddies know Shado and Slade are still alive and are going to hunt them down. Wow, Sarah’s just a big blabber mouth.

Ollie sticks it to River and Felicity gets jealous, which makes me sad. Her tech girl crush on him is understandable but she deserves better! They would have cute, super hero babies tho. Not a bad episode, all in all, not great, but at least some stuff happened. Although, how do you have an off camera sex scene and not even give us some Amell Abs?! I feel robbed!


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