420th of July


420th of july maryjaneAs night draws close and we get ready to celebrate American Independence with lots and lots of fireworks, I want to share this humorous Barely Evil photo shoot for Independence Day. Smoking Mary Jane Green draws deeply on her joint and then offers her marijuana to the viewer. Barely Evil is all about the super naughty devilish punk school girls. Freedom. Misbehavior. All those sexy things.

You all got the 420th of July . . . 4th of July + 420 = 420th of July, right? I felt like it was really witty when I thought of it, but now I worry that it might be too puntastic.

In honor of Fourth of July weekend, for our members from the US of A, Smokin Mary Jane shows off her stars and stripes and freedom. Explosively sexy!
–Amelia G


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