Cinematic Drakengard 3 Cosplay

Today is a glorious day for Drakengard fans. Behold this dynamic cosplay of Drakengard 3’s protagonist, Zero.

Cinematic cosplay style photography is not really a recognized style of photography, especially with social media people being sometimes too overly sensitive and sometimes too insistent on absolute adherence to certain traditional rules, structures, or style in photography such as those that are (hashtag) SOOC or Straight Out Of Camera, which have no digital edits to it or whatsoever. Cinematic style is not SOOC, and obviously it has digital enhancements done to it to give it the “movie feel”.

I for one believe that art has no set specific style and as photography and cosplay is an art, there is no right and wrong way to present it. There is no pleasing purists and their standards but I feel that this cosplay is a masterpiece and it deserves to be shared to the world.

Cosplayer: @-格梓-
Photography: @肥牛先森JoczZZZZ

Bonus image:

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