Dreadful Beauty

Even Villain needs their Princess. Everybody cosplaying heroes heroes heroes, and only a few goes villainy with their cosplay. In the marvel series the most famous villain that always been cosplay is Black Cat and to be honest she’s really not that evil. But luckily there are the few who goes out of the norm and cosplayed this not very famous but very evil Madame Hydra or Viper. From the name itself she’s a high ranking in one of the most dangerous antagonist group in the marvel universe.

hydra_600_963_sMadame Hydra joined the subversive organization Hydra as one of the few female agents it had at that time. Ever ambitious, she quickly navigated her way to the highest ranks. When the Supreme Hydra Baron Wolfgang von Strucker was believed to have died in the destruction of Hydra Island. Madame Hydra, formerly known as Viper, is the terrorist leader of HYDRA and an enemy of Captain America, Nick Fury and Wolverine among many others. While she is not the ruler of Madripoor, she did – or does – own it.

Our cosplayer for today is Yaya Han. She is a costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer with over a decade of experience. After discovering cosplay at Anime Expo in 1999, she quickly absorbed the heart and soul of costume design and creation. To this day Yaya has made close to 300 costumes in the genres of anime/manga, comic books, video games, sci-fi and her own original designs.

I love this cosplay specially because it’s much better than the one in the comics but not like what you think, I love it because of the use of this shade of green for the cosplay. Instead of using the solid straight to the point green, Yaya Han used a color close to Deep Cyan Green Shade. Anyway for the costume itself, it has 4 parts: The Top with mandarin collar, The Waist cincher, Pants and Gloves. The pieces were made with 3 different green fabrics such as jumbo spandex, scale pattern metallic spandex and PVC. For the HongKong or chinese style finish on the shoulders, a black rubberized spandex was used. For the beautiful wigs (which is my personal favorite for this costume) wasn’t made by Yaya han but was sponsored by Arda Wigs.

Yaya Han is a creative and beautiful cosplayer with a great talent for both modelling and tailoring her costumes let’s at least support her by following her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube Channel and DeviantArt. Let’s also support her photographer Judith Stephens photography and follow her on twitter

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