Poison Ivy Cosplay by Drummerina


Careful of this one. Poison Ivy will definitely pinch you if you’re not wearing green! (Or, more aptly, give you an unpleasant rash in exactly the opposite color of green.) Drummerina’s cosplay shows this DC super villain in an action pose, presumably to get rid of some foolish and hapless enemy of hers trying to attack from above. Everything here oozes poison, from the poison green fingernails to the leaves and vines in the costume itself. Edoardo del Gaudio did an excellent job with the photo background, giving Poison Ivy a guerrilla flair like she just rose up from the plants and snuck up on someone.


Poison Ivy
version by Yamashita illustration and Bishoujo model figure

Cosplayer: Me ( Gabriella -Mogu)
Costume and wig: by me
Photo: Edoardo del Gaudio
City: Naples, Italy


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