The Punisher is Ready to Punish: Cosplay by Vamp Beauty


This Punisher cosplay is by Linda Le, also known as Vamp Beauty. The Punisher is a great cosplay when it is done well like this one is. The photographer of photographs is Anna Fischer. This is a fantastic Punisher cosplay. When asked about the cosplay, Vamp Beauty replied:

β€œ I make everything you see, or I hand pick the fabrics, materials used, cut my wigs, do my own makeup, and usually just work on all the ideas/themes by myself.”
She also added:

β€œThe belt was the hardest part of this cosplay because although it doesnt look like it, the belt is made up of 40+ pieces of extra pieces of marine vinyl that were carefully layed out and cut accordingly, since I wanted to keep it true to comic book form. I was inspired by Kotobukiya’s beautiful bishoujo figures that I collect, so I cut my wig in a somewhat sexier cut, and made the boots to have a 70’s cut to them. The fabric I chose almost mimics the look of a wetsuit, which is almost like a Gore-tex material, super hard to find but picked up enough to finish this look.”


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