Punish me Vamply


lady_punisher_up_close_and_personal_by_vampbeauty-d4qs09yCorrect me if I’m wrong but the Punisher should be dirty right? Or atleast have a very dirty ambiance? He is a vigilante and formerly a US Officer anyway. Which involves a lot of killing and stuff specially when he became a vigilante. But what did make Frank Castle the Punisher? What happened was there was a mob killing on the Sheep’s Meadow in the park where his two children and his wife got murdered for being a witness. Obviously Frank testified to the NYPD but unfortunately they were also deeply involved with Mafia. This lead to Frank lose all his hope for the Government’s protection which lead himself to spend the rest of his life avenging his family. I can’t blame him for being wicked since seeing your family being murdered in front of you without having proper justice will lead you to insanity.

Going back, Vampy cosplayed as the Punisher? Wearing his signature leather body suit with the skull emblem infront and holding his default weapon, the garrison. The only difference was that Punisher was always wearing his leather jacket while Vampy didn’t. But nevertheless the cosplay is very clean black and white suit she looks more of a professional assassin rather than a bloodthirsty barbarian vigilante. Overall it’s good but a little dirt or wickedness may improve the cosplay more.

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