Tsurezure Children Episode 1

If you would like to watch a slice of life type of anime and at the same time, laugh out loud, Tsurezure Children is the best anime for you. This anime celebrates the feeling of young love, confession and school life. I watched the first episode and I was LOL-ing already in less than 5 minutes. It’s THAT funny.

For those who had watched and/or observed on school life type of anime series, the girls confesses to the guy they like and it’s sort of rude to take that away from the girl. On thee first scene, the girl took 10 minutes before actually talking and not confessing YET to Takase, the guy she likes. Instead of confessing romantically, she stuttered and accidentally told him that she would like to talk to him again the next day so that she can tell him that she likes him. She said this in a cheerful tone while running away.

Minagawa Yuki, the class representative, is too lazy that she makes Furuya do her work for her. She tried confessing to her but Furuya wouldn’t reject nor accept her feelings.

Kaji was caught by Akagi, the student president, smoking at the back of the building. In exchange for not ratting her out to the teachers, Akagi asked her to kiss him. The funny part is where Kaji teased him that he may be gay because he never kissed a girl before and Akagi said he’s not gay and he already tested it. What do you mean tested it? Did he try to kiss a guy. Akagi seems like a stone-hearted but he’s one of the interesting character of this anime series, in my opinion. He did try to kiss Kaji but cannot take it because she smells like smoke — of course. So, did they kiss? This is still ongoing and for those who haven’t watched it yet, I strongly suggest if you love this type of anime.

There’s also a story of Yukawa, a third year student and Sasahara. Yukawa will be graduating and that will leave Sasahara alone in their star gazing club. Sasahara only joined the club because she likes Yukawa so much that she told him several times that she likes him but then makes a joke out of it after to conceal her real feelings.

So, what exactly is Tsurezure Children? Tsurezure Children is 徒然チルドレン in Japanese, which translates to Tranquil Children. I don’t know how it came to that, but no one in this anime seems tranquil. This is based on the 4-koma manga series with the same name and it is composed of several young love stories of students. In this anime series (you may check through other anime sites), you will see that there is no main character because each character have their own story. Let’s just say there are several main characters and several stories in this series that makes it very interesting.

After watching the first episode alone, I think that this anime’s got so much more in store for us and promises interesting — and FUNNY — episodes ahead.

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