Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode 1


There’s been a lot of anime series starting this month and you can add this one to your list. If you are into a happy type of anime , slice of life or school, this is the best one for you. What’s good is that it just started so you don’t have to worry about being left out!

For some reason, Serinuma Kae, a joyful fat student, is sort of a “fujoshi” or ships her male classmates, along with his friend, A-chan. Kae loved to watch her favorite anime until one day, unexpectedly, her favorite character in the anime died and it really shook her. She stayed in her room for an entire week and not eating. When her mother asked her brother, Takuro, to help his sister, they were surprised to see Kae thin.

When she went back to school, everyone was speechless to see the new Kae, even Igarashi and Nanashima. Shinomiya, a freshman like her who used to snob her, even became nicer to her. Only Mutsumi, a guy in their History club, realized it was Kae at first look. Surprisingly, at the end, all of them asked her out at the same time and she ended up going with all of them.

She asked her friend A-chan to help her out wear good clothes to a date and they were all amazed to she her dressed up. Although she did her best to be “normal”, she tried so hard not to ship the guys she was with but after their karaoke, there was an anime store in front of them who announced limited edition stuffs and this she can no longer resist. She bought a limited edition Shion merchandise and confessed to the guys that she is an otaku. Mutsumi, called her back, saying it’s a good thing to have something you love so they all decided to go where Kae really wants to go.

This is such a unique anime if you’d like to watch something different other than regular romance anime.


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