Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode 2

I really find it amusing in watching this anime. You can not only understand how an otaku really feels but as well as how the others feel toward someone they like who happens to be an otaku.

There are different movies and anime where the one who is usually ignored is the otaku but on this case, 4 men are swooning over Kae even after she revealed to them that she is an otaku.

On the second episode, Nanashima thinks that it’s weird for Kae to give them each a matching keychair of her favorite anime character Shion so he decided to not pursue Kae anymore but Igarashi is still very much interested with Kae.

Because Kae now feels so light, she excelled on their volleyball team so the soccer team asked for her help since they are one player short and Kae happily accepted, not thinking about what awaits her. When she joined the practice, Kae found out that the training for soccer team is very different than on the volleyball team and no matter how she practiced, she still sucks at it.

Nanashima overheard the two girls who invited Kae talk bad about her and told them that they were the ones who invited Kae in the first place. At the field, Nanashima saw Kae and taught her although it’s a little too late.

It seems like each episodes points out the pros and cons for each character so if Kae really is going to end up with one of them, it’ll be too hard to decide. Their soccer team won, by the way, because of Kae’s reverse kick.

What I also love about this anime is that there are 2 stories each episodes. The second story is about Kae, although winning on the soccer team, she had unfortunately flopped on her subjects so she needs to excel the exams in order to be free from school on summer (for the sake of anime, of course). Mutsumi offered to help her, and the others wouldn’t let him be alone with Kae so they agreed to join in as well.

Things did not go well, though, since these 4 handsome men quareling over her, they were kicked out from the library and restaurant and they decided that the best way to learn is on Kae’s house. Even though Kae protested against it, it was decided. She did her best to hide all the BL manga and stuffs in her room so that it would look normal; however, funny events and curious boys had totally exposed her with the help of his nosy brother as well, who opened her cabinet and all her manga fell everywhere. Obviously, the boys didn’t care about it. What’s smooth about Mutsumi is that he was able to shove Kae’s brother out of the room without being rude.

I have my own favorite genre of anime and this is my first time watching this type of anime and i can say that I was really hooked!

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