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_Tammarra_ Brings The Cool As Sub Zero

_Tammarra_ Brings The Cool As Sub Zero

In the world of Mortal Kombat, I don’t think there’s anyone cooler than Sub Zero. Just one look at that name and that just has to be true! Bringing all of that cool...

Zed_Zero Chills For A Bit Before Heading Off Into Kombat

MORTAL KOMBAT!!! The deep voiced shouting doesn’t really work in text format, but you know what DOES work? Zed_Zero’s magnificent re-creation of the chilling master...

Milena’s Sub-Zero Cosplay Is The Ice That Will Melt Your Heart

Sub-Zero is one of my favorite characters from Mortal Kombat, so when I saw this CosplayErotica set, I couldn’t help but feel excited at how detailed it is, and how...


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