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blt dnd bnd

New Issues Coming as BLT Exceeds Kickstarter Goal

As a backer of the BLT Kickstarter, I just got a notice that they’ve hit their first stretch goal. That means that there will be a new issue of BLT and all backers...

batman robin roleplay denvermax johnnydarko tattoo cam

Batman and Robin Roleplaying

DenverMax and JohnnyDarko are a camming couple. I always marvel at how they both have such extensive and very very artistic high quality tattoos. The most notable thing...

missquincam high definition cam

High Def Miss Quin

If you’ve been enjoying Miss Quin’s free shows like yesterday’s, then I recommend also checking out her options for high definition group and private...

amber lily princess leia cam

Princess Leia Cam Girl

Cams and cam shows and cam girls were all the rage in the late 1990’s. Futurists should have known that everything old eventually becomes new again, just with...

Tell Me I’m a Dead Whore You Can Treat As You Will

Need Coffee is doing a giveaway for the newly released V is for Vendetta DVD. The prize includes a really creepy V mask. I think that mask could provide the opportunity...


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