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Nana_Queen Waits For Puddin'... With Beatrice

Nana_Queen Waits For Puddin’… With Beatrice

There’s nothing quite like witnessing pure Halloween joy. Nana_Queen has that joy all bundled up in her room in the form of varying pumpkins, black cats, cobwebs,...

Nana_Queen Tries To Survive... By Knowing Trivia!

Nana_Queen Tries To Survive… By Knowing Trivia!

I love me some trivia. I also love watching Nana_Queen because she’s really top tier when it comes to anything nerd related. I mean she even has a whole cupboard...

Happy Friday the 13th Nana_Queen

Happy Friday the 13th Nana_Queen

Nana_Queen is wearing a Freddy Krueger meets Jason Voorhees jersey and taking shots. She is playing Monsters by All Time Low and telling people to stop posting spoilers...

Nana_Queen Does A Fantastic Mad Moxxi

Nana_Queen Does A Fantastic Mad Moxxi

Looks like we are heading to the Borderlands and coming across the Underdome to check out Mad Moxxi herself, portrayed beautifully by Nana_Queen in her show this...


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