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Crazy Team Avatar Cosplay

A while back, I saw a lot of cosplays based on the Na’avi sexy aliens from James Cameron’s Avatar movie. Oddly, I’ve seen very few in recent years. I...

TheFace_ avatar blue cam

The Face is Blue

James Cameron explained why the Na’vi are blue by saying he wanted them to be truly alien in color. So he eliminated all colors which are remotely something human...

leiadown avatar blue babe cam

Blue Avatar Babe Leia Down

The ever-changing LeiaDown is a blue Na’vi from the world of James Cameron’s Avatar today. LeiaDown says she is having a craving for sauerkraut, for some...

future of space

James Cameron and Google and Microsoft Vets Going to Space!

A who’s who of modern technology entrepreneurs are backing a new space venture. I couldn’t be more pleased to see can-do gentlemen like James Cameron getting...


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