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Charlee Bunny Bath

Happy Easter, Gods Girls!

Charlee, Quinn, Franki, and Kaia have Easter-themed sets up on Gods Girls right now. Actually, Bettie has a set too, but I couldn’t find three SFW examples from...

Annika Cruz Altmodel American Flag Burning Angel BurningAngel

Annika Cruz Altmodel American Flag

One thing I always find fun with altmodel photo shoots is an affinity for themes. BurningAngel did a themed shoot with sort of goth girl Annika Cruz. The cutie with the...

godsgirls bowie doll cosplay

Cosplay Doll Bowie

The God’s Girls site just posted a photo shoot of altmodel Bowie costumed as a doll. The set is predictably named “what a doll”. The costuming is...


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