Emily Bloom: Glowing Bunny Fantasy


A beautiful and surreal glow that feels like a cyberpunk fantasy covers Emily Bloom, the lovely lady who just gave us an amazing interview for the current issue of Bazowie! Magazine.

The visual aesthetic creates a moment of tender surrender where she unleashes the seductress within through her bunny outfit; an achievement that soon produces something even tastier, as she slowly makes her clothes disappear with each passing image, carefreely revealing more of her body as things go from the perfect induction of a side-boob treat with the playful lights shining behind her, to a spot-on full frontal that keeps on serving us her particular brand of gorgeous geniality.

Emily Bloom: Glowing Bunny Fantasy

Emily Bloom: Glowing Bunny Fantasy

Emily Bloom Writes:

Emily Bloom celebrates her modeling anniversary with this bold and beautiful nude photo set.


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