Emily Bloom: Coquettish Christmas Splendor


Feel the holiday cheer and the cozy warmth of Christmas with this set featuring Emily Bloom while she’s surrounded by Christmas trees and presents, which is a nice idea, because it makes me think that Santa has a replica of all our Christmas trees in his North Pole HQ, and all the presents are arranged under each by the elves, so they can reach us all at their appropriate destinations with ease.

Emily Bloom doesn’t waste any time in giving us some Christmas treats, and they first come in the form of her look itself, as she is dressed up as an irresistibly sexy elf who’s wearing nothing but boots, stockings, a hat, and a babydoll in green, which plainly shows that she is not wearing any undergarments whatsoever, save for the babydoll itself, which is a nice reveal that keeps on giving, as she soon gets into the spirit of unwrapping presents herself, only this occasion is far sweeter, as we get to see her go au naturel in this lovely Christmas setting.

That being said, my favorite interactive moment of the shoot comes when she actually hands us a present before wishing us well from this amazing Christmas wonderland by playing with the clouds she’s standing on and blowing us a kiss through them.

I believe whatever we ask here actually comes true in the form of what we desire most when she hands us that present, because I remember wishing I could interview this gorgeous lady for our Bazowie! Magazine.

And guess what happened…

Emily Bloom was gracious enough to grant me an amazing interview for the current issue of Bazowie! Magazine! So, keep your dreams alive, boys and girls, because in this time of wonder and magic; dreams, especially sexy ones, do find a way to come true.

Merry Christmas!

Emily Bloom: Coquettish Christmas Splendor

Emily Bloom: Coquettish Christmas Splendor

Emily Bloom: Coquettish Christmas Splendor

Emily Bloom Writes:

Get festive with Emily Bloom as the cutest nude holiday elf you’ve ever seen.


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