Emily Bloom: Regal Christmas Wishes Come True


Remember back in the day when we used to go to malls and take pictures with Santa Claus while we told him all we wanted to get come Christmas morning?

Well, Emily Bloom has a very nice take on this, but updated for adults through the following concept:

What if Christmas didn’t have a Santa Claus, but a sexy Christmas Queen instead?

Emily Bloom listens to us as we tell her what we want for Christmas, but she does it while sitting on her regal throne and giving us a treat better than candy canes, eggnog, fruitcake and cocoa combined: she slowly takes her clothes off until she is sitting on her throne wearing nothing but her Santa hat and a smile.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Emily Bloom for the latest issue of Bazowie! Magazine, and it was indeed a delightful treat to be able to know more about her, just as marvelous as the visual treats she gives us through this amazing shoot that truly shows us why Emily Bloom deserves the title of sexy Christmas Queen.

Emily Bloom: Regal Christmas Wishes Come True

Emily Bloom: Regal Christmas Wishes Come True

Emily Bloom Writes:

T’is the season to be sexy! Emily Bloom is definitely on the naughty list.


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