Bazowie Awards 2024 Best Replicant Love Doll Nominees


While we are all getting amped up for tomorrow’s Bazowie! Awards livestream, I thought I’d just highlight a few categories. The category for Best Replicant (love doll) has really grown. The tech in love dolls is getting more and more impressive every year, with even fantasy creature dolls looking and feeling more and more realistic. Dear readers, we hope you will join us for Monday, March the 4th’s Bazowie Awards livestream. Meanwhile, the Bazowie Awards 2024 nominees for Best Replicant are:

Anastasia 170CM (Dolls Castle)

Eugenia 168CM (Dolls Castle)

Inasidey 160CM (Dolls Castle)

Kylie 159cm (FunWest)

D.VA 167cm (Game Lady Dolls)

Meru Halloween 157cm (Climax Doll)

Kako Motoko 148cm (ElsaBabe)

Aihara Mirai 148cm (ElsaBabe)

Cornelia 158cm (Orange-In Dolls)

Bella 158cm (Aibei Girls)

Seraphina 163cm (XT Doll)

Luis.D 163cm (SEDoll)

Samantha.J 161cm (SEDoll)


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